WATCH: Nick Young Hit A Game-Winner In Extreme Nick Young Fashion

Let me set the scene for you real quick. With 13.9 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Los Angeles Lakers were inbounding the ball down 109-108 against the Oklahoma City Thunder. It wasn’t looking good for the Lakers, but thankfully, Nick Young would not be denied.

That was the most Nick Young play of all-time. Sixty years from now when we have the technology for GIFs on tombstones, that highlight will play on Young’s gravesite for all of eternity. It perfectly encapsulates Young’s career, as a player who will do literally anything to get the chance to chuck up a three-pointer, even picking off passes intended for teammates. But I guess that’s just what leaders do. Big time players want the ball in big time spots.

The Lakers would hold on for a 111-109 win, improving their record to 8-7 on the season. Young ended up with 17 points on a very efficient 6-12 shooting from the floor and 4-7 shooting from three-point range, and it might be time to finally retire this blunder from the internet. Swaggy P has ice water in his veins.

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