WATCH: Nick Young Secretly Filmed By Teammate, Admits He Cheated on Iggy

In perhaps the snakiest move we’ve ever seen from an NBA player, LA Laker D’Angelo Russell recorded a video of a private conversation he was having with his teammate Nick Young who clearly was unaware that he was on film. It reveals that Nick cheated on Iggy Azalea sometime this year.

Unfortunately for D’Angelo Russell, the Laker rookie was just hacked yesterday (so coincidental!) so there’s a chance that this video is part of what came from that hack. I don’t buy that story but even if it’s true you’ll see why D Lo still deserves to get his a** beat.

The video, which was downloaded and uploaded to Twitter by @Fameolous, depicts a distracted Nick Young talking to D’Angelo about a young 19-year-old girl he met in the club. D’Angelo then asks him about whether he tried it with Amber Rose. But don’t take our word for it, watch below.
Update:–3/31/2016: The website Fameolous took to ESPN Radio Houston to talk about the actual source of the video and how it went down.

Update–3/30/2016: Apparently word of this video has gotten to the Lakers locker room (no surprise there). And from what we can tell, our predictions were pretty much on point. The Lakers are freezing him out of conversations and meals.

“It’s bad,” a team insider told “It’s about as bad as it can get. There were trust issues already. Now there’s no trust.”
During a recent team meal, Russell reportedly sat alone as no teammate would eat with him.

It’s also worth noting that Iggy Azalea herself has commented on the video, Tweeting a big “thank you” to Russell.

There’s a lot of alarming things going on in the video, so let’s just slow down and address them all one by one:

1. Nick Young is watching E!

I know that he’s married to Iggy Azalea and living in Los Angeles, but c’mon dude. You’re hanging out with your boy (who sidenote is a piece of sh*t)! Throw on SportsCenter, a movie, or even cartoons. Just not E!.

2. D’Angelo Russell is recording private conversations with teammates.

That’s inexcusable bullsh*t. It’s one thing to keep lockerroom conversations in the lockerroom, it’s something else completely to be recording private conversations you’re having with your teammate in their home.
And while we have no idea whose house it actually is, safe money is that it’s Swaggy P’s house from the way he’s chilling on his laptop.

3. He was asking leading questions.

Seriously, what the f*ck was D’Angelo doing asking those questions while recording? Even if these weren’t published by him, why was he ever talking about this while he was filming? The first and most obvious assumption is because he was holding them for blackmail.

Obviously we’re not going to hear how this resolves itself, because this will be handled behind closed doors, but you can you bet your bottom dollar that D’Angelo is going to get some serious sh*t for this.
As a rebuttal, I’d like to highlight this comment from Reddit user /u/babyyouresomoney because it brings to light a pretty good point:

I don’t know, if Dlo is smart enough to put his hoodie on and stay out of that picture with Clarkson and Swaggy’s alleged sexual harassment , I think he’d be smart enough to not blackmail Swaggy like this. There’s got to be more to this story.

But since I’m the writer of this story, I’ll get last word. I don’t care if there’s more to the story. If I’m a professional athlete doing dirt (and they’re all pretty much doing dirt) the last thing I want is someone on my side, on my team recording stuff without my knowledge.
If I’m a Laker fan, I’m also pissed.
To wrap it up, here’s a photo that I’m praying was a real screenshot from Wikipedia at some point in time.

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