Loyola University Deems America-Themed Parties "Divisive and Harmful"

Is nothing sacred anymore? We really can’t celebrate our nation without offending anyone these days? What are you going to do next, Loyola, ban students from wearing red, white, and blue all at once? Usually colleges cracking down on students for ‘themed’ parties is warranted, given that the theme is often legitimately offensive, but this is an UNBELIEVABLY bitch-made move from Loyola University.
Via Washington Times:

Students at Loyola University Maryland were recently pressured to abort plans for an “America”-themed party over concerns they might “oppress” others.
An annual “Senior 200s” celebration organized by Loyola’s student government became a cause for concern after Republican Donald Trump’s Election Day victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.
“I encourage you to reconsider this plan in light of the legitimate concerns raised by so many,” the school’s executive vice president, Sarah Donovan, told student government members in emails provided to the Daily Caller. “We have made progress in providing a welcoming climate on campus and do we want to reverse that progress with a theme that divides us?”
The official said her opinion on the event after talking to some students and faculty was that it sounded “very alienating, divisive and harmful.”

Look, I understand the country has been a little on edge since the election, but let’s readjust ourselves back to reality, shall we? Because (and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) if you’re offended by an America-themed party, that means you’re at a party, IN AMERICA, which therefore makes you AN AMERICAN. That’s like me looking in the mirror and getting offended at myself because I’m white. Literally makes no f*cking sense.

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