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Hampshire College Removes American Flag (And All Flags) Forever Following Trump’s Election


Hampshire College American Flag

Hampshire College, a small college in Amherst, Massachusetts, has decided to remove the American flag from their campus flagpole for the rest of the semester following the election of President-elect Donald Trump. Prior to the removal of the flag, one protestor lowered it half-mast. Then two days after the election, it was set on fire. Then the flag was replaced at half-mast (as instructed by the college’s board), and finally removed entirely.

The president of the college, Jonathon Lash, tried to explain his administration’s decision on the radio.

“There were a range of views on campus, including people whose experience growing up have made the flag a symbol of fear, which was strengthened by the toxic language during the campaign, and people for whom the flag is the symbol of all that’s best throughout the country.”

But that’s not the end of the story. Nope, not by a long shot. Following the controversy and backlash from all the armchair (and real) patriots, President Lash made the decision to ban all flags from campus. Like, forever. But on days that should use flags to remember important events (Veteran’s Day, 9/11, etc.) Lash will consult with students about how to celebrate or commemorate the days on an individual basis.

To me, this is insane. Absolute insanity. How can you ban all flags from the campus altogether? First of all, banning the American flag outright from the school is borderline illegal, right? But how are all the liberals and flag burners going to feel when their own flags they hold so close are taken away? Is there going to be a punishment for that too? My guess is not.

I mean, I can understand why so many people are upset, and I am willing to listen to their gripes, but don’t ban the American flag for f*ck’s sake. That’s absurd.

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