Doug Baldwin WAS NOT Happy THROWING A Touchdown Pass, Flips His Coaches Off Before The Play

You know a team is balling when your players are angry about HOW they’re scoring touchdowns. Like, they know they’re gonna score, but they want to score dopely. Gotta respect it. Besides, at this point the Seahawks are the co-favorites in the NFC as they run away with the NFC West.
My best bet is that Doug Baldwin plays fantasy football and owns himself in his leagues. In fantasy, passing touchdowns are only four points compared to receiving touchdowns which count for six. Otherwise, he was just being salty for no reason, so fantasy football is probably his most relatable excuse.
via ESPN:

“We’re in the f—ing red zone, and you want me to throw the ball?” Baldwin said afterward with a laugh. “Throw me the ball.”
On the ensuing play, Baldwin took a pitch from Russell Wilson, pretended like he was going to run right with the ball and then launched a pass down the left sideline for a 15-yard touchdown.
“It’s more funny than it is anything,” Baldwin said. “[Bevell] knows that when we get in the red zone, I want the ball thrown to me. I want to score touchdowns. And so, it’s like in that situation, him flipping the bird to me because now he’s got me throwing the ball to somebody else.”

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