WATCH: Wildlife Park Video Features A Shocking Twist

When I first clicked on this video of a family driving through a wildlife park, I thought I knew for sure where things were heading. I assumed these two lions were going to make sweet, passionate love, and the family was going to awkwardly make excuses to their kid about what was happening. I’ve been down that road a million times before in my blogging days. But man, oh man, was I ever wrong.
That was the greatest twist since the revealing of Keyser Söze at the end of The Usual Suspects. Those poor, poor parents. That was a metric ton of vomit, and I could practically smell it coming through my computer screen. I think I’d rather walk out of my car and meet my grisly demise than clean that mess up. Just let Mufasa and Sarabi rip me from limb to limb and call it a life.

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