Cop Who CLEARLY Knows The Law Pepper Sprays Man Because He Gave Him The Finger

Not sure who I’m rooting for on this one. On one hand, the cop is clearly an aggressive douche who needs to chill out and remember he’s working for the people, not against them. You wanna be a crybaby about being on the receiving end of a middle finger and arrest the guy to bust his balls, fine man, that’s on you. But to f*cking pepper spray the guy? Definitely far too aggressive. On the other hand, why’s the driver flipping the cop off in the first place? What good could possibly come out of that? It’s literally asking for trouble, and I CAN’T STAND people who seek out trouble.
The dude says the Supreme Court ruled that flipping the bird is not disorderly conduct, but is protected under the First Amendment. I can neither confirm nor deny this, but it’s also Friday, so fact-checking is out the window at this point. If you want to take a dive into American law to see if this dude is a liar or not, that’s on you, but I’m not about to waste my time (Edit: the research wasn’t that hard. Here’s the proof. Happy Friday). I’m gonna roll with the man and accept his statement as truth. He’s got a dash cam, so context clues led me to believe that this is one of those guys who knows all of the sneaky laws to stay out of trouble. More power to him.
So, in that case, this cop is probably f*cked. You don’t mess with the first amendment.

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