Conan Visited YouTube’s VR Lab & It’s Just As Trippy As You’d Imagine

I’ve been on record as saying I don’t f*ck with VR. There are FAR too many ways it could go wrong for it to be worth it for me. You don’t think hackers can get into these bad larrys? You don’t┬áthink programmers can mix in some subliminal messages to brainwash your ass? Or how about the fact that VR will probably just make you fat and lazy? Point being is that VR is no bueno and I’m really hoping it isn’t the next big wave of technology (even though it pretty much already is, and therefore I’m screwed).

So, Conan O’Brien took a visit to YouTube’s state of the art virtuality reality lab, and needless to say, it’s a total trip. Legitimately looks like they dropped him in the middle of a South Park episode.

I’m telling you people, this is where virtual reality will lead us:

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