Introducing COED's New Series: Florida DUI Mug Shots Of The Week

It’s Friday and I just realized I forgot to do Florida News of the Week this week. Florida News of the Week is one of my favorite segments for the simple fact that I love laughing at Florida (especially after the election). It’s a gold mine for blogging content. Always has been, always will be.
So as I was sitting around HATING myself for forgetting about one of my most beloved blog posts, I figured I had to really knock it out of the park this week and debut a new and improved version of Florida News of the Week.
I hopped onto to my usual Florida news sources when a tiny little link to a mugshot page caught my eye. Naturally, you know, because Florida is Florida, I clicked. The results were frankly life changing.
This f*cking website allows you to sort through the mugshots by arrest! Want to find yourself some crackhead mugshots? No problem, just filter in all of the possession of cocaine arrests. Me personally, I decided to go with the DUIers of the world, because their mugshots are notorious for producing some A+ comedic faces.
So, ladies and gentleman, without any further ado, COED’s brand new series, Florida DUI Mugshots of the Week!

And before you’re all like, “Eric! How dare you?! This is in such poor taste! You’re an asshole!” I’d like to point out that I’m not the one who decided to endanger the lives of others and get my dumbass drunk face posted to public records. Just sayin’.

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