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This Week In Florida News: Cops Apprehend, Handcuff An Alligator


via Davie Police

I love a good Florida story. So much so that I basically do a weekly series on it, “This Week In Florida News.” Today’s is about as Florida as they come: cops handcuffing an actual alligator.

A seven-foot visitor skulking about the Town University Luxury Apartments parking lot in Davie was apprehended, cuffed and shipped to a less populated part of the state this weekend. These are the things that happen in Florida: They have seven-foot dinosaurs just wandering around.

The American alligator, found at 5500 S. University Drive, was getting too close to the human residents, so they called the police.

Davie police tweeted a picture of the gator — all four legs cuffed with electrical tape and a towel over its head. “They are dangerous,” said Davie Police spokesman Sgt. Mark Leone, who added that a dog was being walked not far from where the alligator was found.

A gator trapper from the Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program was brought in to relocate the walking fossil.

Stay Florida-ing, Florida.

[h/t Sun Sentinel]

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