WATCH: One Scuba Diver Almost Becomes A Humpback Whale's Lunch

Imagine that you’re swimming with a large school of small fish and then, out of nowhere, a 35,000-pound humpback whale rises from the deep and almost eats you! This is what happened in Norway, where a team of scuba divers was going on an expedition to capture footage of killer whales. These are some wildlife photographers who definitely got a little more wildlife than they bargained for.
As you can see in the video, one scuba diver was only a step away from being swallowed up with that team of small fish. Not his human team, of course. Luckily, no one got hurt besides some little fishes, who only contributed to the flow of nature and to the stomach of a humpback whale. According to ABC News, the lucky scuba diver goes by the name of Patrick Dykstra, and he is the owner of Picture Adventure Expeditions. Who would go scuba diving in the icy waters of Northern Norway in the middle of November? That guy!
Despite the harrowing and nearly fatal incident, Dykstra doesn’t appear to be at all upset with the whale. In fact, he even pays his would-be attacker an incredible compliment. “It’s hard to tell from the video, but the whale swerved last minute to avoid hitting me,” he said. “It’s fascinating how something so big and moving so fast could avoid me last minute. They’re incredibly intelligent creatures that know exactly where they are.

Did you see the guy’s face at the end? Talk about a real close call! And you can bet that this won’t be his last encounter with whales. Let’s hope he doesn’t become their lunch next time!

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