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This Kid Deserves A D1 Scholarship & A Medal Of Honor For This Catch

via ABC

via ABC

A South Florida boy is being hailed a hero, weeks after he dashed to his baby brother’s rescue as the infant fell off a changing table. “Hero” is a heavy term that is probably thrown around too often, but in this scenario, it’s totally deserved. Little homie right there potentially saved his brother’s life. We’re always being told how soft babies’ skulls are, so who knows the damage this spill could have caused. Babies have the balance of a drunk in the first place, let alone when they’re rolling around on a three-foot-high changing table. Luckily for this mom, her other son has got his head on a swivel. This is probably the one scenario where having five kids doesn’t suck. You’ve got an army of little minions with their eyes on the squad.

Unfortunately, this video has made me realize my mother is kind of a liar. Growing up, whenever she caught me actin’ some bullshit, she would say that she caught me because all mothers have eyes in the back of their heads. Obviously, Tila Levi here doesn’t. I guess only my mom has eyes in the back of her head.

[h/t Barstool]

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