This Oklahoma Guy Was Arrested Driving Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Hector Fraire likes to go fast. Like, stupid fast. As in, 201 MPH fast–which I think we can all agree isn’t just dangerous to himself, but anyone even remotely close to him on the road. Oh, and did we mention that this was at night? And that in an effort to elude the police he turned off both of his brake lights and his headlights, making him invisible to anyone in his vicinity?

The patrol says Trooper Ryan Smith pulled over 19-year-old Hector Fraire Saturday on the Kilpatrick Turnpike in Oklahoma City. Authorities say Fraire was driving a Ford Mustang and the trooper’s radar clocked the car at 176 mph and then 208 mph.

Authorities say the driver attempted to elude the state trooper, turning off his headlights and brake lights at one point.

Fraire was eventually pulled over at a red light. The highway patrol says the driver stopped his car and dropped his keys out of the window [source].

Thankfully, an Oklahoma State Trooper trooper arrested the stupid idiot before he killed anyone or went back to the future, forever altering our universe… Although judging from recent political events, it appears this might not be the first time he’s ever driven that quickly.

And because I know you’re curious, Fraire was driving a 2011 Ford Mustang, although I’m sure it was modified to reach speeds that quickly. In fact, the guys over at TigerDroppings (where we found out about this guy) speculated that Fraire might have been driving that quickly because he was testing said modifications.

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