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Massive Japanese Sinkhole Reminds You That Hillary, Trump Aren’t The Real Enemies Here


Japanese Sinkhole Video

A massive sinkhole¬†appeared in Japan today, reminding everyone that neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump are the world’s biggest issues, but that it’s actually Mother Earth literally falling out from under our feet.

The sinkhole you see here appeared in the southwestern section of Fukuoka, and originally started as two deep craters. But after some time, it soon grew to be a big 90-foot by 100-foot sinkhole. Video of the whole thing was captured by multiple pedestrians in the area. Thankfully it seems like no one was hurt, although the amount of damage that’s going to be caused by this thing is massive. The hole is already filled up with water from the¬†sewage pipes that broke under the collapse.

The massive sinkhole has threatened to destroy the surrounding buildings and residents from the neighborhood are being evacuated. It’s 300 meters from the JR Hakata rail station.

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