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Florida News Of The Week: Kid Literally Kills His Grandmother Because She Hid His Beer


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When I normally do Florida News of the Week, it’s usually a relatively benign story about some harmless Floridian hijinx. This is not one of those stories. Dylan Brougham, an 18-year-old man from Florida, has been charged with murder after beating his 69-year-old grandmother to death. The reason he killed her? Because she hid his beer while he was in the shower. What did you expect? This is Florida News of the Week, after all.

Brougham’s grandmother, Joyce Ann Courson, died in the hospital on October 18 after spending 10 days in the hospital recovering from injuries sustained from Brougham’s attack. When officers arrived on the scene after a domestic disturbance call, they found Joyce laying in pools of her own blood.

According to, Dillon Ross, a 22-year-old roommate, said he had just gone to bed after his night job when he heard the argument. The argument started after Joyce hid Dylan’s beer while he was in the shower, as she did not condone her underage grandson drinking alcohol.

Similarly, another witness told the Florida Times-Union the following:

“She took the beer and he just flipped out and I guess she wouldn’t tell him where she put it, so he started punching holes in the wall, then destroying the house pretty much and then blaming her.

I didn’t think anything of it until I heard this ridiculous crash. That’s when it was like this turned into something crazy. After the crash, I heard the grandmother screaming for help.”

Maybe most heartbreaking of all was Courson’s character. Before she died, she told her intensive care unit doctor not to blame him for her death. This could be due to the fact that Dylan hadn’t had the most nurturing childhood.

Furthermore, according to Complex, Brougham’s mother has been arrested more than 20 times, including arrests for drug abuse and prostitution. Brougham’s paternal grandmother told the media, “When you have a crackhead mother coming and going, being arrested every month—how do they expect this kid to grow up normal?”

Overall, just a tragic waste of life. RIP Joyce.

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