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NFL Standings, Week 10: Power Rankings & Must-See Details

NFL power rankings week 10

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Enough is enough, the New York Football Giants have finally cracked the top ten in the power rankings (by default)! What a time to be alive! This week’s power rankings are going to be looking a lot different than before. We’re still going to have New England and Dallas at the top of the list, but there will be a few new teams added in, as well as teams dropping out, and others moving up or down the list. I know I’ve said before how the NFL hasn’t been great this year, which it hasn’t, but the playoff race is starting to heat up so hopefully the quality of play picks up, and if it doesn’t just give me more ties because ties are hilarious. Week 10 is here, so let’s get into this week’s power rankings:

1. New England Patriots

NFL power rankings week 10

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No change at the top of our list, as the Pats still sit at number one. New England is coming off their bye week, and face their toughest test this season as the Seahawks come into town on Sunday Night. Not really too much else to say about the Pats that I haven’t already said this season, Tom Brady is still really good, Belichick is still the best coach in the league, and Gronk is still unguardable. Still can’t imagine them not playing in the Super Bowl come February.

2. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

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Congrats on beating the Browns, we’re all so impressed. Honestly, it’s embarrassing that the Cowboys gave up 10 points to Cleveland on Sunday, I should move them down the list just off of that alone. Just a friendly reminder for all of you that forgot, Dallas’ only loss this year was courtesy of the Giants… but yeah they’re really good. Whatever.

3. Oakland Raiders

power rankings NFL week 10

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Just win, baby! In one of the few bright spots of this shitty NFL season, the Oakland Raiders are finally back. In their biggest game since the Super Bowl against the Buccaneers when they got the doors blown off them and sucked for the next 10+ years, the Raiders took down rival and defending Super Bowl Champions Denver 30-20, officially throwing their hat into the Contender ring. They’re sitting at 7-2 atop their division, and show no signs of slowing down as they head into a much-needed bye week. Thanks for making this season somewhat salvageable Raiders.

4. Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons

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I guess the Falcons are for real, who knew? Matty Ice continues to look like an MVP candidate as he tossed another four touchdowns on Sunday, and Julio Jones is still the best receiver in football. While I still need to see them win a playoff game for me to consider them a legitimate threat, Hotlanta has definitely surprised a lot of the doubters so far, including my hatin’ ass.

5. Denver Broncos

NFL week 10 football rankings

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Even after a loss to Oakland this past Sunday, Denver is still in the top five. While their offense is still a work in progress week by week, they have arguably the best defense in football, and they obviously know what it takes to win come playoff time. I’d also like to give a shoutout to Demaryius Thomas, who has been my leading receiver in fantasy this season, as we are currently riding high on a three-game win streak. That guy rocks.

6. Kansas City Chiefs

Minnesota Vikings

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As I just praised Demaryius Thomas for helping my fantasy team, I would like to take this time to bash Jamaal Charles, whom I used a second round pick on, for being a bust of a pick because he’s on the IR. Now that I got off my chest, the Chiefs just keep on winning. Sure they may have beaten the Jags, who suck, but a win is a win, and they now have six of them on the year. And even though he’s damn good at football, Travis Kelce having his own reality show makes him kind of a douchebag. Sorry for all the negativity directed towards you Kansas City, I’m a spiteful asshole.

7. Seattle Seahawks

NFL week 10 power rankings football

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I hate myself for still believing in the Seahawks, but here we are. They’ve benefited from playing in a dog shit division this year, but when push comes to shove I’m still going to take my chances with that defense and Russell Wilson. They’ve got a tough road test this Sunday against New England, but if they can come away with a win (they won’t and I’m betting heavy on the Pats), I will have been proven right to have not given up my faith in them.

8. Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings

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Man, talk about a fall from grace. They’re in the midst of a three-game losing streak, and their defense is no longer the dominant force that I need them to be for my fantasy team. Things are not looking good up in Minnesota. Their remaining schedule is pretty tough, so they could possibly fall out of the playoff race altogether. Minnesota, figure it out.

9. New York Giants

NFL power rankings week 10 football

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DO NOT LET THE GIANTS GET HOT! What a roller coaster season it’s been for the G-Men, won their first two, dropped their next week, and now they’re on a three-game win streak. As the great Vince Lombardi once said, “What the hell is going on out there?!” Their recent success is due to a large part of improved play of their defense who are now getting turnovers, and the resurgence of Odell Beckham Jr. New York is in prime position to land a wild card spot, just as long as they don’t have one of their annual second half collapses. If the Sports Gods know what’s good for them, they’ll make sure that the Giants get in the playoffs, because Eli is the only one who can save us from Dallas going to the Super Bowl.

10. Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions

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The freakin’ Lions man. I have no idea how they keep pulling these wins out of their asses, but they’ve done it five times already this year. I’ll admit it was either the Lions or Texans I was going to put in the tenth spot, but the Texans didn’t play this week and JJ Watt is a douche, so Detroit gets the final spot in our power rankings. By no means are the Lions a contender this year, or ever for that matter, but Mattew Stafford is playing extremely well this year, and has put them in position to compete for a division title. So keep doing you Detroit, just make sure you lose on Thanksgiving because watching the Lions get blasted on Thanksgiving is a special tradition of mine while I don’t help my mother cook.

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