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WATCH: Marquette King Kicks Perfect Punt, Celebrates With Pony Dance

Adam Ali's YouTube

Adam Ali’s YouTube

Last night, the Oakland Raiders defeated the Denver Broncos 30-20 to improve to 7-2 and move into first place in the AFC West. It was a gigantic win for the Raiders, who look primed to head to the playoffs for the first time since 2002.

While casual football fans probably think that running back Latavius Murray was the MVP of the night, they couldn’t be more mistaken. I guess running for 114 yards and three touchdowns on 20 carries is a decent game, but the real difference maker was punter Marquette King. Just watch his scintillating celebration after pinning the Broncos deep inside their own territory.

Doing the bull dance, feeling the flow, working it, working it. That’s how you win football games. You make your opponent drive the length of the field, and then you cruelly taunt them by pretending to ride livestock. Pretty sure that’s the same philosophy Vince Lombardi used when he coached. You kill two birds with one stone by winning the field position battle and mentally pummeling your opponent into submission.

King also busted out this snazzy move because he’s the coolest punter in the history of the NFL.

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