WATCH: Cubs Players Are Twerking Male Strippers In A Raunchy SNL Sketch

Screenshot via YouTube/ Saturday Night Live)

(Screenshot via YouTube/ Saturday Night Live)

On Saturday Night Live last night, there was a hilarious though highly uncomfortable sketch about an 83-year-old’s traumatic bachelorette party. Aidy Bryant played the elderly lady, and did an admirable job staying “dead” while Mikey Day and Benedict Cumberbatch were doing all sorts of ridiculous male stripper shenanigans to her,
The already absurd sketch was taken to another level when World Series Champion Chicago Cubs stars Dexter Fowler, David Ross and Anthony Rizzo appeared as guest strippers.
The players also appeared later in the episode during ‘Weekend Update’ with diehard Cubs fan Bill Murray to sing a rambunctious version of “Go Cubs Go”. While this felt like an underutilization of Murray, the sight of one of the greatest comedic geniuses on the planet on the show that made him famous is always a welcome sight. And Bill Murray can celebrate the Cubs World Series however he wants because he’s Bill F**king Murray.

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