Jerry Jones Trying The Mannequin Challenge Is The Funniest Thing You Will Watch All Day

The #MannequinChallenge is the newest craze in the streets. It’s starting to gain traction like other viral videos before it, such as The Harlem Shake and The Running Man Challenge. It goes strong for a few weeks and then fizzles out. Everyone, from high school kids to NFL players in locker rooms, is giving it a shot. The objective of the challenge is extremely simple. Stay still and do not move because you are a mannequin. It’s not rocket science. Here’s a pretty solid one done by Penn State football.

Like I said, you don’t need to be a genius to know what to do. So last night, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his front office executives decided to give the mannequin challenge a shot on his private plane. With the Cowboys improving their record to 7-1 yesterday with a win over Cleveland, my guess is Jerry was feeling good and decided to just go for it.

HAHAHAHAHA. I just laughed out loud. It’s easily the funniest mannequin challenge so far. Jerry Jones just trying to be the hip and cool 74-year-old. Hey Jerry, you know you’re not supposed to move, right? It’s like he forgot what he was doing midway and said screw it, I want a bite of my pizza. Full-on arthritis kicking in right there for Jones. It almost looks as if he just couldn’t hold the pizza anymore. It might’ve been too heavy for the guy and if that’s the case, that’s depressing. I hope I never get to an age where I can’t hold up a slice of pizza.
I guess if my team was 7-1 and I was worth $5.2 billion, I’d be totally ok with messing up a viral video, too.

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