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WATCH: Ohio University’s HallOUween Block Party Was Nuts

Henry Weber's YouTube

Henry Weber’s YouTube

By now, everyone knows how hard Ohio University goes for Halloween. Their raging is practically as synonymous with the holiday as costumes, candy, and that dumbass “Monster Mash” song. Every year on the closest Saturday to Halloween, they hold a Halloween Block Party in Athens that gets so wild it could legitimately cause the dead to rise from their graves.

Check out all of the glorious chaos from their 2016 HallOUween Block Party.

Goddammit, that looked like a great time, as it had everything I’d ever want in a Halloween party. Funny costumes, inappropriate costumes, Carlton dances, oral sex simulations, girls, girls in super revealing costumes, girls making out with each other, and enough booze to get André the Giant drunk. My liver would definitely rest in peace if I tried to pull off those Crown Royal bottle chugs.

I’d pretty much do anything to be able to attend next year’s bash. Spend the night at a haunted house? No problem. Eat the head off of a live bat? Let’s hop aboard the crazy train. Challenge Michael Myers to a fistfight? Bring it on, you goofy, pale-faced bastard. That’s how deep my commitment is to this beautiful display of Halloween depravity. Never change, Bobcats, never change.

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