There Are Now Apparently Robot Gynecologists And Yup, The World Is Coming To An End

First, cars start driving themselves, and now robots can perform complex medical surgeries. And of all of the forms of medicine that exist in the world, they go with making a robot gyno? What kind of sick people are working in the technological field of medicine?
According to Uproxx, a robot called the DaVinci allows the gynecologist “to operate with enhanced vision, precision, and control.” The doctor sits behind this “advanced surgical tool that allows doctors to operate minimally invasively for many procedures.” The possibilities of this robotic gynecologist assistant can be revolutionary, which can mean patients recover in less time, lose less blood, feel less pain, and possibly suffer less damage to fragile and sensitive nerves and the surrounding organs. This can also mean fewer infections, which is extremely important. It looks like this, AKA pretty f*cking horrifying:
The DaVinci robot doesn’t look all too pretty. It looks like something out of the Alien vs. Predator franchise. At this time, this doctor’s helper has been used to take out tumors from the uterus and handle “pelvis issues.” The gynecologist completely controls the robot and can look inside a patient’s body with magnified, 3D, HD images. Here’s a video that will help you get familiar with this innovative piece of medical equipment:

Robots aren’t taking over yet. No need to look out for any T-1000.

Humans still control the DaVinci robot, and this device “bends and rotates far better than the human wrist,” so this has upped the gynecology game and may make procedures much safer, less painful, and less strenuous. There are already different DaVinci models out there from urological to colorectal to cardiac to head and neck.
Four cold robotic arms operating on your downstairs doesn’t seem like the ideal kind of date. But the world of medical (and robotic) technology is increasing by the day, and has been benefiting us humans greatly! In May of this year, there was even an article about robotic meat magnets made from dried up pig intestines that unfold in the stomach and help guide something as odd as batteries to the colon. Now, who would swallow batteries? Who knows? But there’s a tiny robot for that. I wonder what type of robot will come up next? And I wonder what the future beholds for the DaVinci as it is still relatively new and evolving with its application in the robotic and medical market.

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