Teacher Shows Up To Work Drunk, Ends Up WINNING Money In A Lawsuit

Gotta love the American justice system, where when you show up drunk to a job where you are entrusted with children, you can win a year’s salary in a lawsuit. Because that’s exactly what happened up is Wisconsin.
Janesville, Wisconsin city leaders have voted to offer a $75,000 settlement to a former teacher who was taken to the hospital and found to be drunk while on a school field trip in 2013.
According to WKOW, the town’s city council met Monday night and voted on a recommendation from the city attorney to pay Maria Caya to settle a $5.5 million lawsuit her attorney filed in 2015, claiming the city mishandled the investigation into the incident and caused undue harm. Six of seven council members were present at the meeting and all but one voted to approve the recommendation.

Caya’s lawsuit claims the Janesville Police Department improperly released blood test results, saying it was confidential medical information. She was taken to the hospital by another staff member, after she was found passed out in the bathroom of a bowling alley on the field trip in June 2013.

Yup, you read that correctly: the teacher who endangered the lives of her students felt that she was caused undue harm and sued for a cool $5.5 million. What a f*cking world we live in.
[h/t WKOW]

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