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WATCH: Randy Moss Drills Two Field Goals In Dress Shoes

SportsCenter/mattclapp's Clippit

SportsCenter/mattclapp’s Clippit

Before last night’s matchup between the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos, the Monday Night Countdown crew had some fun kicking field goals. The other members of the show were shanking kicks left and right, but the incomparable Randy Moss had no trouble at all. Watch him drill both of his kick attempts while still wearing dress shoes.

Straight cash, homie! I know the thin air in Denver helped him out a bit, but those kicks were pulverized. He hit from 28 and 30 yards out, and I think he could’ve hit from at least 40 if he wanted to.

This is why Randy Moss is hands down one of the coolest players to ever put on a helmet. Everything he does looks so damn effortless. From pulling down sick one-handed catches to throwing crazy laterals, to making field goals look routine while wearing church shoes, the guy is a once in a generation athletic talent.

I did love his victory dance, but I wish he dusted off a classic celebration for the occasion. He should’ve looked right into the camera, told Steven Hauschka and Chandler Catanzaro they’re hot garbage, and then reenacted his infamous mooning of Green Bay.

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