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NFL Continues Cruel Streak Of Subjecting The Public To Crappy Nationally Televised Games

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via Getty

On Friday, I asked if the NFL should do away with Thursday Night Football, thanks to the near offensive quality of play they have been trotting out in recent weeks. Well, that trend of horrendous nationally televised games continued with two absolute duds: the Giants and Rams in London and the Seahawks and Cardinals on Sunday Night.

Across the pond, the Giants won a 17-10 game where Eli Manning threw for 196 yards and no touchdowns, and he wasn’t even the worst quarterback on the field (OBJ had 5 catches for 49 yards and LOL). That’s because, on the other side of the ball, the Rams’ quarterback Case Keenum threw four interceptions. And that wasn’t even the worst game of the weekend.

No, the worst game of the weekend was a 6-6 TIE (TIE!!!!!!) on Sunday Night Football between the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals. It’s not only the result that’s shockingly putrid, it was how the result happened: both of the teams (professional NFL teams, btw) missed chip shot field goals in overtime.

First, Cardinals kicker Chandler Catanzaro misses from 24 yards out. Mind you, a 13-year-old kicker is able to bang a 24-yarder:

Then the Seahawks kicker, not to be out-sucked by the Cardinals, decided to shank a 28-yarder as well:

Three nationally televised games. Three piles of steaming horse shit. The Jets-Ravens game was better than this, and the Jets started Geno Smith and the Ravens rushed for six yards.

It doesn’t look any better tonight. Two horrible offenses face two solid defends in tonight’s matchup between the Texans and Broncos, so be on the lookout for another suckfest. Then on Thursday comes what may be the NFL’s annual worst game of the year, the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans. Literally. This is always the worst game of the year.

The NFL has a real quality-of-play problem on its hands, and it looks like the only way of fixing it is to quit spreading out the schedule and having more standard Sunday games.

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