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Should The NFL Get Rid Of Thursday Night Football?

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

The NFL is in trouble. Not real, threatening-the-future-of-the-league-trouble, but by NFL standards — they’re in trouble. Viewership is down 10% from last year. You’ve got on-the-field issues, such as concussions and over-refereeing, and off-the-field issues, such as domestic violence and marijuana use. But maybe the NFL’s biggest problem right now is the quality of product they are putting on.

The NFL sucks right now. Realistically, does anyone think anyone other than the Vikings, Patriots, Seahawks, or Steelers are going to win it all this year? I don’t, because the rest of the league is crap. Maybe it’s the reduced practice time, maybe it’s the style of play, but something with the NFL is just not clicking this season.

The biggest examples of this are the pitiful excuses for football games that are Thursday Night Football. I don’t know if you watched last night’s game, or any of the games this season, but they’ve all been shit shows. Not counting the Week 1 matchup between the Broncos and Panthers (because they had the entire offseason to prepare) and the Week 2 matchup between the Jets and Bills (because that one was somehow, somewhat decent), every Thursday Night Football game has been a display of the worst the league has to offer. And this isn’t a new thing… Thursday Night Football has always sucked.

Now, with that said, I still enjoy it. I mean, f*ck, it’s still football. You tell me I have the choice of a good basketball game (ya know, down to the wire, maybe a buzzer beater, all that), or a crappy football game, I’m taking football. American loves football, it’s what we do. But that doesn’t mean keeping Thursday Night Football is a good idea.

Week after week, every Thursday, the NFL puts on a frankly poor product. Now, while a shit Thursday Night Game might be bearable for a mega-fan like you or I, I can almost guarantee it’s turning off the casual fan. And that’s not good for business. The way to grow a business is to bring in new business, not sustain the old. And through that logic, the NFL should get rid of Thursday Night Football.

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