Is This The Unluckiest Beer Pong Play In The History Of Both Alcohol And Competition?

The close quarters of dorm room beer pong came back to bite this poor soul in the ass in the most unlucky way imaginable. I’ve watched this video half a dozen times and still can’t believe what happened.

Such a goddamn travesty. That dude was diligent as f*ck in his beer pong defense, pouncing on that weak ass bounce attempt like Dikembe Mutombo, but it still wasn’t enough to get the job done. Sometimes you can make all the right plays and still get screwed over. The beer pong gods are a fickle bunch.

Also, I’d like to go on record as saying that bouncing in beer pong is for total dweebs. If you’re an avid bouncer, you are a gigantic coward, and I have zero respect for you as a human. Look your opposition in the eye and hit cups like a man of dignity and honor. Sneaking around and trying to catch the other team off guard is a bush league move of epic proportions. Bouncers are spineless, conniving snakes, and they should all be deported to Antarctica.

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