Let’s All Laugh At Human Excrement Greg Hardy Getting His Ass Kicked By This Short Chubby Dude

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but Greg Hardy, he of the NFL blacklist, has decided to pursue a career in MMA fighting. Apparently, he’s already tried and was hilariously bad at it.

Red Cup Rebellion unearthed a 2008 video where Hardy, then a star D-lineman at Ole Miss, lost to a 17-year-old that was half his size during a fraternity boxing event in Oxford, Mississippi.

The 5’9, 215-pound Codie Shuffield put a whooping on against 6’5, 255-pound Hardy. It’s one of the more satisfying videos you’ll watch this week because f*ck everything about Greg Hardy.

[h/t SB]

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