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Trumpkins: The Halloween Trend That’s Sweeping The Nation

via instagram

via instagram

Both Halloween and Election Day are rapidly approaching, and some passionate Instagram users have found a hilarious way to celebrate this festive season. I usually just eat an entire bag of candy corn while watching the debates, but these people are way more creative than me.

They are putting a spin on classic jack-o’-lanterns by making the pumpkins look like Donald Trump. The porch decorations are aptly called Trumpkins, and they are pretty damn cool. Some of these actually look like him too, as pumpkins and The Donald are both a vibrant shade of orange. Thankfully, Trumpkins are inanimate, so the creators don’t have to worry about any p*ssies being inappropriately grabbed on their property. That’d be a messy lawsuit.

Now that you’ve been briefed on the fall trend that’s sweeping the nation, enjoy a gallery of the best Trumpkins on the internet. Let’s make Halloween great again.

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