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Remember Rich Chigga? He Just Dropped ‘Dat $tick’ A Remix With Ghostface Killah


rich chigga

A couple of months ago, I brought you this genuinely hilarious video of famous rappers reacting to a song called ‘Dat $tick’ by a 16-year-old fanny-pack-wearing Indonesian rapper named Rich Chigga. The resulting video was easily one of the funniest things I’ve seen all summer. Seriously, not even kidding, hearing Tory Lanez call this dude the “hardest n*gga of all time” almost brought me to tears.

In that original video, Wu Tang Clan OG Ghostface Killah f*cked with Rich Chigga’s song so hard that he said he’d hop on the remix. Turns out Ghostface was dead serious, because here he is almost four months later, spitting a couple bars on the ‘Dat $tick’ remix. The power of the internet, ya know?

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