WATCH: Larry The Cable Guy Snapped A Man's Arm In An Arm Wrestling Match

Larry the Cable Guy, who’s starred in classics such as Witless Protection and Jingle All the Way 2, is a huge University of Nebraska fan. Larry is from Pawnee City, Nebraska, and he decided to go to last weekend’s football game in Lincoln. The Cornhuskers defeated the University of Illinois 31-16, but the real loser of the day was the dude who got his arm snapped by Larry in an arm wrestling match.

GEWWW!! Such a disgusting sound. That’s one way to Git-R-Done and pick up an arm wrestling victory. Just use your redneck superhero strength to snap your opponent’s arm like a carrot. TMZ is reporting that the loser in this contest was an Army vet named John, who thought that it’d be a good idea to challenge Larry to an arm wrestling match. Talk about being careful what you wish for.
John being a military man makes a lot of sense considering how well he took that gruesome injury. I’ve had much worse reactions than that after stubbing my toe. According to TMZ, John broke his humerus bone and underwent surgery. Hopefully, he has a fast recovery and retires from challenging comedians to middle school cafeteria games. I’ve heard Amy Schumer is a goddamn monster at bloody knuckles.

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