Rolling Stones New Album: Full Story & Must-See Details

World-renowned rock band The Rolling Stones announced today that they will release a new album entitled: Blue & Lonesome, which will hit stores December 2nd, just in time for the holidays. This will be the stones’ first album in over ten years, and they will cap off this return by stepping into the heartache of the blues.

Who are the Rolling Stones?

They are a collective of rebellious rock ‘n’ roll stars, who burst onto the scene in the early 1960s and have remained ever since a seemingly permanent fixture in pop culture. When other rock groups hung up their boots, put away their guitars and drum sets for good, The Rolling Stones didn’t go anyway and showed the world that they cannot be stopped even in old age. For decades, the stones has given shelter to the fans looking for the warmth of consistently high-quality rock music.

What happened?

Early Thursday morning, The Rolling Stones sent out a tweet with their signature tongue and lips symbol, this time decked out in blue with a red and purple fade towards the upper right corner. At the upper left hand corner of the image, there is the title of the forthcoming album written in white: Blues & Lonesome – The Rolling Stone’s first album since 2005.
Rolling Stones member Ron Wood would hit at an upcoming blues album as early as April of this year. “We went in to cut some new songs, which we did. But we got on a blues streak,” he told Associated Press. “They are extremely great cover versions of Howlin’ Wolf and Little Walter, among other blues people. But they really sound authentic.” Both tracks have since been confirmed for Blues & Lonesome.
In an interview for Rolling Stone magazine in September, lead guitarist Keith Richards said he had been in a London studio recording songs for an upcoming album with lightning-fast precision. He informed the magazine that this record would contain “a lot of Chicago blues.”
On September 28, Mick Jagger took to Twitter, posting a photo of harmonicas, hinting at a blues concept album to his followers.
Earlier this month, The Rolling Stones posted a teaser to Youtube, giving up-close images of the equipment in the studio, first showing the name and location of the studio written on a white board: British Grove Studios and Chiswick, London written in bold red marker.  The camera then directs us to a white sign reading “Mick Jagger” in red print surrounded by guitars hanging from a rack, then the camera shifts to part of a “Keith Richards” sign as we can hear laughter, someone tap on a drum set and strum on a guitar string as a voice counts on in the background. The video ends with the bright blue logo of the album.

The very next day, this young-at-heart rock group released another youtube video, which showed them performing in their West London studio with a heavy emphasis on the harmonica sound – a lasting trademark of blues music.

Then earlier today, The Rolling Stones made their official announcement for the album and released the names for the 12 featured tracks. Each will be covers on old blues singles, some written as early as 1955, while the most recent song of the bunch dates back to 1971.
Co-producer Don Was recalled, in an interview with French publication Le Gigaro, that the musicians recorded the album in a peculiar fashion, singing and playing their instruments in a circle lined with microphones, while completing the entire album in an astonishingly short time span of three days. “The record sounds very crude, very authentic,” he said. “It captures the essence of what they are.”
Blues & Lonesome is sure to be an album to look out for this December. The Rolling Stones have been known to consistently produce great work even while in wrinkles. After over 50 years of entertaining fans and selling out arenas, The Rolling Stones are still as hot as ever, and will show the world that these old-time rockers are still kicking with great music.

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