Brigthen Up Your Monday With The Latest Batch Of 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Rumors

Production of the seventh season of Game Of Thrones is currently full steam ahead, which means that more and more details about the upcoming seven episodes have been leaking as the weeks go by. And we’ll take it: the more Game Of Thrones is in the news, the better the world is. Straight up.
First, we brought you the epic details of this season’s annual “Big Battle” (which, in classic Thrones fashion, sounds like it is going to make you poo your undergarments). Then, we brought you more general tidbits, including the possible future of Euron & Cersei’s relationship. Now the latest batch of rumors, via Watchers On The Wall, suggests that there will be TWO big battles this season, one of which will take place in Essos:

They are now reporting that there will be three days of filming at Trujillo Castle, not one as we had previously heard. The outlet confirms that there will be one hundred extras present for filming at the location. The purpose of Trujillo Castle is not known, but it’s hard to imagine the place being a part of anywhere but Essos.

Two big battles in one (shortened) season? My heart already hurts.

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