When Does 'Mr. Robot' Return? Season 3 Premiere Date

Season two of Mr. Robot has come to an end and left with more questions than answers. The wait for your questions to get answered might take longer than usual if the show’s creator Sam Esmail gets his way.
In previous years, the Mr. Robot season premiere dates were:
Mr. Robot Season 1: June 24, 2015
Mr. Robot Season 2: July 3, 2016

When does Mr. Robot return for Season 3?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Esmail said that he wanted the next season to start later than it usually does. That means that instead of a summer premiere, the show will most likely have a fall premiere. Esmail attacked the archaic structure of television shows’ fear of losing their audience if they change the schedule of the show.

“Personally, I think this is another weird, archaic judgment on television shows, where you have to bring them back at a certain schedule or you’re going to lose your audience,” Esmail said. “I’m just going to say this: I think it’s bulls—, especially at the cost of the quality of the show.”

Esmail makes a great point because if a show’s quality suffers just to make sure they air a certain time, the fans are the ones that suffer. Most people want to see the best product possible and not a rushed show that could have been better.
With the ability to watch shows anytime in this era, viewers aren’t going to be picky about a television show changing its schedule. Most people already watch shows when it is convenient for them and that won’t change regardless of when the show premieres.
While the show may take a longer hiatus than usual, Mr. Robot fans will have something to entertain them in the meantime. Show creator Esmail and series writer Courtney Looney co-wrote the first official series book for the show which is going to hit the shelves on November 1. Esmail seems to be very busy with the show and his book and could definitely use a few more months for a breather.

Mr. Robot Season 3 Teaser


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