This Baby Faced Alabama Theatre Student Was Caught Dealing The Most Dangerous Drug In America

Ashley Rose Newman, a 21-year-old theatre student at the University of Alabama, has been arrested and charged with trafficking Fentanyl, MDMA, cocaine, and assorted drug paraphernalia. She was also busted with weed, but that’s NBD when you’re caught with poison that’s responsible for hundreds of overdoses a year.

Newman was arrested by agents from the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force after a raid at her home in the 300 block of 27th Street North at 9 a.m. today. Richardson said agents recovered 23.3 grams of Fentanyl, a quantity of methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), amphetamine, cocaine HCL, marijuana and assorted drug paraphernalia.
Newman was taken to the Tuscaloosa County Jail where she is being held on bonds totaling $1.581 million. No other information was immediately available.

Ashley is being held on a bail just over $1.5 million dollars, so we doubt that she’ll be getting out of jail anytime soon. Hopefully, her parents and lawyer get through to her and convince her to roll on her supplier, because clearly this babyfaced theater student will not do well in prison for too long. She was probably busted after one of her customers ratted her out the cops.
Also, who the f*ck is dealing fentanyl? That stuff will literally kill you.

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