Kansas State Tagged In Racist Blackface Selfie, Even Though The Two Women Weren’t Kansas State Students

Kansas State Racist Selfie Photos

A Snapchat photo taken by two women wearing black facial masks with the caption “Feels good to finally be a n*gga :)” is causing a lot of unwanted attention for Kansas State University. Someone found the picture online and then tagged Kanas State, letting the school know that one of their students had posted an offensive, racist image.

The thing is that the girl in the photo, named Paige Shoemaker, isn’t even a K-State student. She was there for one semester last year and hasn’t enrolled this fall. You can see the Snapchat photo below.


So now Kansas State is facing a ton of heat from people who want the school to punish her. But how? She’s not even there. Tough situation, but the school sent out this public statement regarding how they were handling it.

On her end, Shoemaker has apologized publicly for the photo in probably one of the weaker apologies she could have come up with. But at least she boned up, right?

“We want people to know this is not blackface. We did not paint our faces intentional. I mean, not that this is a good thing but we kind of like, that word kind of happens in our friend group (because) we know that everyone is calm. We’re a big family so that word does not offend anyone in our group,” Shoemaker said.

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