WATCH: Someone made a ’30 for 30′ Intro Dedicated to Harambe



Since being killed earlier this summer, Harambe has established himself as America’s mascot and continues to live on in all of our hearts.

This short clip will only make sense to you if you’re familiar with ESPN’s ’30 for 30′ segments. If not, then take a moment of your time to google “ESPN 30 for 30” and familiarize yourself. Watch the clip below, and pray that someone actually follows up with an hour long tribute to our Nation’s favorite gorilla.

Gone, but never forgotten. Harambes death has sparked a number of “campaigns” as people want to ensure his name and story live on forever.

As always, take a look at some tweets dedicated to my homie, Harambe.

Dicks out for Harambe.

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