Let’s Hope The Petition Trying To Get The Bengals Renamed The Cincinnati Harambes Works Out

There is a petition to rename the Bengals the Cincinnati Harambes


The outpouring of love continues to be shown to the late Cincinnati Zoo gorilla Harambe, who was tragically shot dead in May after a 3-year-old child fell into his moat. Yesterday, it was revealed that Boston College’s QB was dedicating his season to Harambe, who he called “the realest there ever was.” Today, Bengals fan Julian Ortiz created a petition on Change.org to rename the Bengals the Cincinnati Harambes that already has 5,597 signatures at the time I’m writing this, including yours truly. By the time you’re reading this it could have thousands more because Harambe deserves it.

The Bengals should actually do this. The only Bengals in Cincinnati are in the zoo, and if you are going to name a team after a zoo animal it should definitely be Harambe. He gave the city 15 great years and deserves to be honored after taking a bullet. Harambe died for your sins.

Plus, it’s not like the Cincinnati Bengals name has any cache. In the Bengals nearly 50 years in the league, they haven’t won a single Super Bowl. Changing the name to the Harambes would both scrub away a half-century of failure and give the franchise the best team name in all of sports. Plus it’d give them an excuse to get rid of those tacky tiger-striped jerseys.

If you want to do your part today in making the world a better place without actually doing much at all, I urge you to sign the petition. We’ll never forget you, Harambe.

(h/t SI Extra Mustard)


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