Quadrooter Is The Newest Android Malware You Should Know About

Quadrooter Android Malware

“QuadRooter” is the name for a nasty piece of malware that’s infected a scary number of Android phones, and has the potential to infect a lot more. If you’re currently using a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, Google’s Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 or Nexus6P, BlackBerry DTEK50, or HTC One M9 or HTC 10, you’re vulnerable. And this particular piece of malware wants all of your data.

What Is Quadrooter?

Quadrooter is a piece of malware named after the Qualcomm chipsets present in vulnerable cellphones. Like most malware, the attacker lures a user into installing a malicious app. That malware then starts at the bottom of your phone’s accessibility, then works itself up through one of four system vulnerabilities until it grants itself root access.

Once the attacker has gotten root access to your phone, the mobile device is no longer under your control.

The good news is that Google has made changes in its monthly security update, but the bad news is that only three of those four vulnerabilities were fixed. The fourth flaw should be nixed by September’s update, although Mashable reports that Qualcomm has already provided a patch to the device manufacturers.

How To Know If You’re Infected By Quadrooter

Checkpoint, the software security company responsible for identifying Quadrooter, has created an app (available on the Google Play Store here) that will tell you if you’re vulnerable.

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