Just When You Thought People Couldn't Get Any Crazier, This Guy Plays Pokémon GO While Jumping Out Of A Plane

Anyone who has the unfortunate pleasure of keeping up with my articles knows I’ve been a Pokémon GO realist “hater” since jump street. Frankly, I found it boring, poorly made, and depending on who you ask, one giant CIA conspiracy. But that’s neither here nor there. What I do know is that the Pokémon GO craze this summer has produced some patently ridiculous headlines. For those who don’t remember, let’s recap just SOME of the stories involving Pokémon GO from the last few weeks:

Two Candians got themselves detained at the border.
A dating service, PokéDates, was launched.
Some jagoff kid crashed into a f*cking cop car.
Another herb got himself caught cheating on his girl.
There’s that guy who quit his job to become a full-time virgin “Pokemon Trainer.”
This dude fell into a lake while live streaming his Pokemon-ing on Facebook.
And finally, there’s the Minnesota man who almost got himself shot.

So just when you, or at least I, thought the Pokémon GO stories couldn’t get any more outrageous, in comes this Serbian MF jumping out of a plane to play some Pokémon GO. From the sound of it, it didn’t go too well, as he screamed, “Fuck the Pokémon, it’s not working in the sky!” upon landing. After making the jump near Lisicji Jarak Airport in Belgrade, Serbia, the skydiver known only as Drasko P. asked Pokémon GO developers Niantic to ‘fix the bug’ as if an app not working while hurdling out of a plane defines a ‘bug’.
According to Mirror, Drasko P. (which sounds like a rap name, BTW) said:

“Under 2,000 feet I had full GPS and mobile network signal and I was trying until 500 feet from the ground, but with no luck. So I hope they will resolve this bug for us so that skydivers can also play the game in the sky.”

Yeah Drasky, I mean, I don’t know what you were expecting. You certainly weren’t gonna find any of the Legendary Birds up there, I’ll tell ya that. Apparently, they’re in Ohio, of all places.


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