WATCH: Kid Looks Pretty Embarrassed After Crashing Into Cop Car Playing Pokemon Go

One young man in Baltimore has got to be feeling pretty embarrassed after he was caught on video crashing into a police car while playing Pokemon Go. Thankfully, no one was physically hurt–it’s just egos that were bruised. The whole thing happened after a pair of officers who had just responded to a call were headed back to their police vehicle. They then heard, saw and captured on their bodycams a teenager sideswiping their car.
Quick Lesson Time!!! Personally, I’m not so sure that it was such a good idea to tell the officers that you had been playing Pokemon Go. As we’ve said before, talking to the police without a lawyer present is a recipe for added charges. Now instead of just a car accident, the BPD could charge him with a distracted driving charge.
This is the second car crashed involved with the hit game Pokemon Go. The first one happened when a distracted driver crashed into a tree.

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