New iPhone Glitch Lets You Play Pokemon Go In Landscape Mode

Pokemon Go is a great and addictive game, but for some reason Niantic doesn’t want to you to play the game in landscape mode. Thankfully, iPhone users have found a workaround that lets you switch the game from portrait mode to landscape mode. Technically it’s a glitch that was discovered by a redditor accidentally, but a ton of people have successfully recreated it.
Some of the best things in life have happened by mistake, right?

How To Play Pokemon Go In Landscape Mode on iPhone

  1. Open Pokemon Go on your iPhone and then hold your phone sideways.
  2. Tape the Pokeball menu button and then head to settings (upper left).
  3. Tap “Report High-Priority Issue,” then tap “Yes.” This should bring you out of the app and into Safari.
  4. Hit the Home button on your phone, and tap the Pokemon Go icon on the app.

Keep in mind that this method is something that only works for iPhones, and that since it’s a glitch you might encounter a couple of problems while you’re playing.

How To Play Pokemon Go Landscape Mode On Android

As of now, the only way to play Pokemon Go on your android phone is by using a third-party app that allows you full control over the screen orientation.

  1. Download Set Orientation from the Google Play Store (download link)
  2. Open the app and set the orientation to “Landscape”
  3. Open Pokemon Go

Although this method works, it’s definitely not ideal for playing the game and even a little rougher navigating the menu screens.

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