Remember The Cute Elderly Couple Whose Grandson Stole Their House? We May Have Found Them A New Home

Last week, I published the story of Hank & Helen Kawecki, the downright adorable elderly couple who were screwed out of their home of 56 years by their scheming grandson. I found myself deeply upset by this story, which is surprising because when you work in media you almost become numb to the daily horrors or disappointments of the world. But there was something about the plight of this particular story that really hit home. Apparently, a lot of other people were just as upset as we were, and are doing everything they can to help. Some people are even going above and beyond.

On the morning of August 1, I received an email from a woman named Deborah, with the subject line: “I’m giving Hank and Helen a house if they’ll relocate.” The email details the desire of this clearly wonderful woman who was feeling upset over Hank & Helen’s situation and the message stated that she is even willing to donate one of her homes. Naturally, I hopped right on the phone to try and find out if both the offer, and Deborah herself, were real. And real they are.

Essentially, Deborah owns property in both South Carolina and Virgina, and depending on Helen & Hank’s ability to relocate, is willing to sign the deed to one of the homes over to the Kaweckis. Deborah, who sounded like an extremely sweet woman of her own right, was having trouble sleeping at night knowing that this innocent couple is being evicted out of their half-century old home. All she asked of us was that we try and put her in touch, somehow, with the Kaweckis. And that’s exactly what we did.

Through a little investigative journalism, we scoured the public records of the Kaweckis’ court case to find their lawyer Edward B. Elrod of Ventura, California. We reached out immediately.

According to Mr. Elrod:

“One of the main issues of the case is that Hank Kawecki suffers from dementia, which makes it difficult for them to relocate.”

While a relocation seems unlikely, we have connected Deborah and Mr. Elrod with hopes of them being able to figure out some sort of alternative donation. Mr. Elrod indicated that he would approach Deborah about the idea of selling the property and giving the proceeds to the Kaweckis. The proceeds of that home, along with the money raised through GoFundMe, should be enough drastically improve the Kaweckis’ situation. The GoFundMe account created for the Kaweckis has already raised about $115,000.

After today, Hank & Helen Kawecki’s future seems far brighter than it did a week ago, and we are truly honored to be playing a role in all of this. Nothing touches the soul like strangers helping strangers.

As for why Deborah wanted to do this, it’s simple. She cares about the well-being of her fellow man:

“I follow the news globally because of the frail state our world is in now and so I can pray. I saw your story the day it aired, on YouTube, and I sobbed. My heart ached. I knew that I had to do something. I donated but that wasn’t enough. I couldn’t sleep, eat or think right as my heart and mind stayed on Hank and Helen. So, I tried to reach them or someone who could put me in touch with them but, to no avail as I began receiving a flood of emails that were scammers or asking me to give my house to them. I no longer knew who to trust or talk to … I didn’t need to “think” about giving my house away. I immediately KNEW that I wanted to.  I can go live with one of my children until I find an affordable rental but what about Hank and Helen? They don’t have that option. I just lost both of my parents so when I saw your story I began viewing them as MY OWN PARENTS. “

Be sure to check back as we will update this post throughout the week with any new information we receive.

Here’s to you, Hank and Helen. Let’s get you home.

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