Here’s Your Weekly Hilarious Road Rage Fight Video, This Time From Scotland

9 times out of 10 these utterly ridiculous road rage videos come from one of the following two locations: either in the Florida of Asia, AKA Russia, or the Russia of America, AKA Florida. This one, surprisingly, comes from neither of those hallowed grounds. No, this one comes from English and Irish lovechild, AKA Scotland.

Gonna be honest here: I don’t really understand a single one of these insults. IĀ believeĀ the opening remark is, “You’re a f*cking billy!”, which, according to Urban Dictionary, is an Austrailian slang word for bong. And I doubt the driver of the car was calling the cycler an Australian bong.

According to The Sun, the fight happened at the Westfield roundabout in Falkirk, Stirlingshire. Wherever the hell that is. All I know is, it isn’t Florida or Russia.

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