Pokémon Go Player Stumbled Upon A Couple Getting Intimate In The Office, So Of Course He Filmed It

Pokémon GO continues leading people to seeing incredible things they otherwise never would, and this story certainly fits the bill.
A Santa Domingo teen seeking a Pikachu late at night stumbled upon something way better: a woman giving a man fellatio in an office window.  And because this Pokémon GO player was a horny teenager and this was basically a scene straight out of Naughty Office, he, of course, decided to film it.
The video has since gone viral, and the suspected secretary in the video is not happy. The secretary, named Diana Paulino, filed a formal police complaint after being named on social media and says she also intends to sue, according to the Mirror report.

“I have got absolutely nothing to do with the company where the video was filmed.”
She added: “The video shows the silhouette of a young woman whose bust is approximately a cup size A whereas I am a DD.”

If that’s the case then maybe Paulino is actually not the one in the video. But if she’s really a DD, then Naughty Office needs to get in touch with her either way.
Here is the video, which has a warning for graphic content:


I can’t confirm, but you have to imagine applications have flooded in to whatever company occupies that office.
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