WATCH: A Fake Andy Reid Held A Press Conference At Chiefs Training Camp

Fake Andy Reid Press Conference

It’s August, which means NFL training camps are underway. One month of pretending like we all care about diving and rowing and then the glory of spending 9 hours every Sunday sitting on the couch watching football comes back into our lives. But training camp is fantastic in its own right.

Take, for example, this legendary Andy Reid impersonator. With the real Kansas City Chiefs coach standing by, his doppelgänger got to speak with the press.

Fake Andy Reid has become an institution at Chiefs games, confusing fans at games by dressing up as the coach since 2012. But today was the first time Fake Andy Reid, whose real name is Chris Wilhelm, got to meet the real deal.

Fake Andy Reid at the podium while Andy Reid waits…

— BJ Kissel (@ChiefsReporter) August 1, 2016

Coach Reid at the podium.

— Nick Jacobs (@Jacobs71) August 1, 2016

And maybe the best part is that the “play sheet” in his hand is actually a menu from his local pub called Rumplebrewskins in his hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

“That’s my cue, good looking,” the real Andy Reid told him when he was ready to take over. “C’mon, beautiful. Go get you a hamburger.”

The impersonator did a great job quickly making an impact in the little time he was allotted. When it comes to clock management, Fake Andy Reid just might be an upgrade over the real one.

#Chiefs coach Andy Reid and Fake Andy Reid. What do you think?

— Terez A. Paylor (@TerezPaylor) August 1, 2016

(h/t Fox Sports)



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