Chinese Hurdler Mugged In Rio In Most Disgusting Way Ever

It’s no longer news that the Rio Summer Olympics are going to be a complete disaster, but we’re still enjoying reading all of the awful stuff that’s happening to the athletes. And just when we thought that today’s news of the Australian National Team getting robbed by Rio’s very own firefighters couldn’t be beat, we’ve learned the hilarious story of Chinese hurdler Shi Dongpeng.

Chinese hurdler Shi Donpeng had just arrived at his hotel in Brazil ahead of the start of the Olympics on Friday and was exhausted after the long journey from China.

However, a seemingly drunk man then ran into the hotel and rushed towards Shi before throwing up over him and running away. And according to the International Sport Press Association, while the athlete went to find the nearest bathroom in order to clean up, [Shi’s] cameraman gave chase to the drunk, and ran out of the hotel to try and find him.

However, less than a minute later when the cameraman returned to the hotel lobby, he found that all of their luggage was gone.

This is probably the biggest example of “insult to injury” I’ve read in 2016. Not only do you get some Brazilian guy’s puke on you, all of your stuff gets stolen. When the Rio police were standing in the airport with signs that read “Welcome to Hell,” I’m sure that none of us could have actually imagined the ingenuity of Rio’s criminals.

That being said, this guy is from China and people do sh*tty things all the time there. You’d think that he would know enough to bring his expensive equipment in with him to the bathroom.

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