Brazil ISIS Arrest: Full Story & Must-See Details

Brazilian authorities have arrested ten people in the state of Parana for planning terrorist attacks during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. The BBC states that although these terrorists weren’t members of ISIS, these people did attempt to contact the Islamic State. All the people arrested were Brazilian.
The Brazilian news Folha stated that authorities have been monitoring close to one hundred people inside Brazil who’ve expressed sympathy to ISIS. All ten people arrested were on that watch list. These authorities also admitted that they’re still searching for two more suspects, who they plan on arresting.
From the NY Times:

Officials said that the people arrested had communicated with one another via WhatsApp and Telegram, two mobile messaging services. Mr. Moraes said the suspects had been taken into custody “when they went from basic commentaries about the Islamic State to preparatory acts.”

Who Was Arrested?

At this moment, all we know is that ten Brazilians who were previously on a terrorist watch list were arrested. We also know that two suspects are still on the run. These ten Brazilians were arrested because they started taking serious steps towards committing acts of terrorism during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.
Although their exact plans aren’t known, a channel within the Telegram messaging app known to be used by terrorists has suggested that terrorists should start using weaponized drones.
**This a developing story. Refresh for updates.**

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