Madman Throws Fake Bomb Into NYPD Car In The Middle Of Times Square

Wild morning today here in New York City. A man tossed a fake explosive into an NYPD patrol car parked in Times Square was taken into custody after intense standoff in Columbus Circle.
According to Fox News, the man suspected of tossing a hoax bomb through the window of a New York Police Department vehicle in Times Square before getting into a standoff with officers is now in custody, authorities said Thursday.

What’s most amazing about this story is both the clarity and bravery displayed by the officers involved. Via Fox News:

Police say two officers were in the marked vehicle when the device was tossed inside. The officers drove to a less-crowded area, placed the device on the sidewalk, exited the vehicle and took cover.

After deploying an anti-bomb robot to investigate, the suspect was taken into custody without incident, and there were no injuries at all. Well done by all involved.

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