BAMF Of The Week: 7/11 Employee RIPS A Shotgun From Thief’s Grasp

So this is pretty wild, eh? There are few things I’m ready to die for, let alone my job, but apparently not this guy. No, no, no, this unassuming 7/11 clerk apparently has gargantuan balls of steel, because he is literally forcing the potential thief to point the shotgun right as his chest, just to protect a 7/11 cash register. According to Fox News:

“A Maryland convenience store clerk is being hailed a hero after he was caught on camera disarming a would-be robber who pointed a shotgun at his face. In the footage, the clerk at a 7-Eleven in Frederick never flinches as he grabs the barrel of the gun and wrestles it out of the suspect’s hand.

Police obtained information the next day that led them to arrest 18-year-old Ryan Wages and charge him with the robbery attempt, Fox 5 DC reported Saturday. The video was posted on YouTube by the Frederick News Post, which reported that it was recorded at 4 a.m. July 12.

“[The man] pointed it at my employee and started screaming at my employee, screaming in his face, and [my employee] grabbed [the gun] and took it out of the guy’s hands,” store owner Abdul Ayub told the paper.  “And the guy ran out of the store, so now the police have the gun and he didn’t get anything.””

I mean, yeah, it’s bada**. Not particularly smart, but definitely super bada**. Big balls and intelligence are certainly not synonymous.


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