Police Have Released The Body Cam Footage Of The Dylan Noble Shooting

California police have released new bodycam footage which shows unarmed Dylan Noble being shot dead by officers last month. The footage is being spun for both parties.

On one hand, the attorney for the Noble family, Stuart Chandler, says this newly released footage makes him “more certain than ever” that Dylan’s death was a direct result of an “inexcusable use of excessive force”.

However, on the other side of the incident is Fresno Police Cheif Jerry Dyer, who claims that what the film is truly showing is a man that ignored “at least 30 instructions to show his hands and not to walk forward before the officers open fired”.┬áThe officers involved, who had a combined total of 37 years’ experience between them, have been put on paid administrative leave. Their name have not yet been released due to safety concerns.



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